Scipio bioscience appoints new CEO to usher the next development phases.



Paris, March 28th, 2023. Scipio bioscience is pleased to announce that our board of directors has nominated Pierre CHAUMAT, who previously held the position of VP Chief Manufacturing Officer, as the new CEO of Scipio bioscience. The decision has been taken to further support Scipio bioscience in its evolution towards new markets and the expansion of its range of novel single-cell applications.

For more than two years alongside of Dr. Pierre Walrafen, former CEO at Scipio bioscience, Pierre Chaumat held a cross-functional role, leading the industrialization and production of the Asteria kit, contributing to the strategic decisions of our R&D department, and establishing scientific collaborations, driving Scipio bioscience’s début into clinical study projects in critical disease areas such as cardiology and diabetes.

A seasoned veteran of start-ups and larger companies in life sciences, founder of two successful businesses and director of large R&D teams at Bio-Rad and other organizations, Pierre brings a broad experience in both science and business management. His career focus on the development and commercialization of innovative technologies for medical research and diagnostics as well as his deep knowledge of clinical research and therapeutic development will be key assets for the company.

“This is a turning point in the history of the company”, announced Pierre Chaumat. “With a first hydrogel-based single-cell kit and intuitive data analysis software on the market garnering attention and commercial traction, Scipio bioscience is in a perfect position to further develop its proprietary technology into novel single-cell applications. Researchers hoping to include single-cell data in their clinical and translational studies will be the first to benefit from our breakthroughs.”

Scipio bioscience is an early-stage company that develops innovative solutions for single-cell sample preparation and data analysis to answer the growing needs of basic and clinical research labs. Its patented RevGel™ technology, at the core of the Asteria™ Kit, is an innovative reversible hydrogel conceived by its President and Co-Founder, Prof. Stuart Edelstein, a world-renowned biophysicist. With its R&D laboratories and offices in Paris, France, Scipio bioscience is supported by government funding and receives significant private investment from Seventure, M Ventures, High-Tech Gründerfonds, Financière Arbevel and Verve Ventures.

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