5 Feb

The Benchtop Single-Cell Letter has launched!

The first issue of the Benchtop Single-Cell Letter has been launched!

This bimonthly letter gathers the best articles from our blog and the content is curated around relevant single-cell themes by our director of publication, Prof. Stuart Edelstein.

Our first issue focuses on the approach of bioinformatics analysis and interpretation of your single-cell data when you have yet little experience in this field, and helps you plan ahead for successful single-cell experiments. It includes for example the interview of Dr. Marc Beyer about the point of view from the bioinformatics side, a testimonial from guest writer Denise Gay about her journey through the process of learning bioinformatics, and technical artifacts to be aware of to optimize your data to analyze.

Through interviews, technical tips, and testimonials from researchers in the field, the Benchtop Single-Cell Letter aims to cover all possible areas to support setting up robust single-cell experiments and extracting the most exciting data. Our next issue is planned to be released two months from now!

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