Scipio Technology


Addressing the current issues with ScRNA-seq

ScRNA-seq is an exciting approach already delivering groundbreaking results, but its accessibility still has a long way to go to become an easy, well-established and robust assay for everyone. Substantial RNA degradation due to lengthy preparation steps, the sometimes low availability of high-throughput instruments and the resulting tight planning leaving little flexibility for treating precious samples are but a few issues preventing ScRNA-seq to become routinely used.

Scipio Technology

The Way Forward

Ideally, cell samples for RNA-seq should be conveniently and consistently treated shortly after harvesting to preserve a high-sample and the gene expression profiles. Here at Scipio Bioscience we provide a novel sample preparation solution for single-cell studies in sequencing applications in clinical and basic research, focusing on transcriptomics. As a universal hydrogel-based benchtop kit, it enables users to efficiently isolate the cells of interest and extract RNA shortly after sampling, in any location and skipping the need for microfluidics platforms.

Scipio Technology

Why keep an eye on us?

Scipio Bioscience exploits a proprietary technology that allows the preparation of samples for single-cell profiling. Based on a novel combination of established biochemical and biophysical approaches, the Scipio technology achieves single-cell barcoding in a test tube format. The kits are expected to be commercially available early 2022, ready for use on any benchtop.