1 Dec

Scipio bioscience’s Single-cell Grant Program is now open for applications! 

Scipio bioscience’s Single-cell Grant Program is now open for applications!

We are delighted to end this year with a Single-cell Grant Program, a great way for us to support the growing single-cell research community and open the doors for single-cell analysis in every lab.

If you have a single-cell project idea, do not miss the opportunity to be one of the 4 researchers that will be awarded a complete single-cell 3’ RNA-seq solution valued up to US$30,000!

The grant includes:
– Up to three Asteria™ kits with each kit processing up to four samples of 5,000 to 15,000 input cells

– Sequencing costs for one run per sample

– Use of the Cytonaut™ software for the entire single-cell analysis workflow, from processing raw sequencing data to producing publishable figures

– Bioinformatics support on Cytonaut to help find data insights and generate publication-grade single-cell data visualizations

You can find the details about the grant and the application form on our website here:

The official press release about this grant is available here:

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