5 Jul

Scipio bioscience RevGel-seq Technology in pre-print publication!

If you have wondered about the hydrogel-based technology behind the Asteria™ single-cell RNA-seq benchtop kit, we have some good news for you!

The R&D team at Scipio bioscience spent four years drafting, developing, and refining the technology known as RevGel-seq (for REVerse hydroGEL) applied to scRNA-seq. We are delighted to share the outcome of those years of hard work in our first publication, alongside our close collaborators at the Centre de Recherche Saint-Antoine at Sorbonne université. 🤝

The paper (in pre-print) demonstrates a simple, instrument-free and easily accessible methodology to capture and tag mRNAs from individual cells for sequencing. The process takes place in a single tube, bypassing the need for microfluidics or plating, for up to 10,000 input cells at a time. The publication also includes performance data on various cell types.

Read the pre-print here:

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