3 Nov

Scipio bioscience at Next Gen Omics 2021!

Scipio bioscience will be present this week at the Next Gen Omics UK conference in London organised by Oxford Global. One of the largest annual conferences on genomics in Europe, it has prominently featured single-cell science for the past few years.

On this occasion, Scipio bioscience’s President and CSO Stuart Edelstein will be giving a talk on the second day of the conference, describing the principle of the technology behind the future scRNA-seq benchtop kit and a sneak peek of the upcoming analysis software. He will also present the validation data on standard cell lines for benchmarking.

He and head of communications Wilko Duprez will be attending both days in-person, so it is a perfect opportunity to connect and discuss how the Scipio technology could help your single-cell projects move forward. Come and have a chat with them!

Scipio Distirbutors


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