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Application: Alzheimer’s Disease Posters
Scipio bioscience has a long-standing collaboration with Prof. Bassem Hassan, Scientific Director and Head of the Brain Development Team at the Paris Brain Institute. Using the RevGel-seq technology patented by Scipio bioscience, we were able to identify new cell subtypes on knock-out models highlighting the role of APP proteins in neuron development.
Asteria – Certificate of Analysis Certificate of Analysis
Here you will find the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for the ASTERIA single-cell RNA-seq Kit
Asteria MSDS Safety Datasheet Datasheets
Here you will find the MSDS - safety datasheet linked to the Asteria Single-cell RNA-seq Benchtop kit product number 001-100.
Cytonaut User Guide v1.2 (current) User Guides
Here you will find the User Guide for the Cytonaut Cloud Software for Single-Cell Data Analysis, in PDF format.
Asteria User Guide v1.0 (current) User Guides
Here you can download the User Guide of your Asteria Single-cell RNA sequencing Kit, in PDF format.
Asteria and Cytonaut Technical Brochure Brochures
This digital brochure describes in detail the performances of the Asteria single-cell RNA sequencing kit and the Cytonaut cloud-based analysis software. You will find how the Asteria kit can help with your single-cell project and its performances on various cell lines.
Application: Pancreatic Islets Posters
Scipio bioscience collaborates with Bertrand Blondeau and his team at the Centre de Recherches Saint-Antoine in Paris to investigate metabolic diseases. In this perspective, samples from the pancreatic islets were successfully profiled with the Asteria single-cell RNA-seq kit.
Application: Oligodendrocytes Posters
Scipio bioscience joined forces with Emmanuelle Huillard and the Genetics and Development of Nervous System Tumors team at the Paris Brain Institute to explore glial cell lineage of oligodendrocytes.
Application: Brain Organoids Posters
Scipio bioscience works with Philippe Ravassard and his lab in the Molecular Pathophysiology of Parkinson's disease team at the Paris Brain Institute. The Asteria single-cell RNA-seq kit was used to capture and characterize the heterogeneity of brain organoids.
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