Single-cell, single-tube, single-software.

Single-cell, single-tube, single-software.

Scipio bioscience was the Gold Sponsor of the NextGen Omics UK conference and as such delivered a presentation in front of a full room in London on November 9th, 2022.

Dr. Nicolas Fernandez, Director of Innovation, presented the end-to-end solution with our Asteria™ Benchtop Kit based on the proprietary technology RevGel-seq™ to protect the transcriptome and our intuitive end-to-end Cytonaut™ cloud-based software to analyse single-cell data.

You can watch the recording of the talk below:

Single-cell RNA profiling without microfluidics

Single-cell RNA profiling without microfluidics

Scipio bioscience held its first session of the Single-cell Webinar series on September 29th, 2022, titled “Single-cell RNA profiling without microfluidics”.

Nicolas Fernandez, Senior R&D Leader, and Barbara André, Director of Bioinformatics, showcased how the RevGel-seq™ technology can help confidently design flexible, convenient, and efficient end-to-end single-cell RNA-seq studies.

During this webinar, we discussed:
– Scipio bioscience’s technical concept behind the instrument-free technology RevGel-seq™
– Asteria™ scRNA-seq benchtop kit’s flexibility to ease single-cell logistics
– Asteria™ kit’s performances on various cell types
– The accessibility of the companion data analysis software Cytonaut™ to all researchers

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