8 Jun

Scipio bioscience selected for €2.5M European Innovation Council grant

The European Innovation Council just announced that Scipio bioscience is one of the select few to receive grant funding and future investment as part of the EIC accelerator program. This additional funding will speed up the development of the next generation of our single-cell technology.
2 May

The Asteria™ Single-cell RNA-seq Kit and the Cytonaut™ Cloud Software are here!

After an exciting announcement in January, Scipio bioscience's integrated scRNA-seq solution is now available for everyone! The Asteria™ scRNA-seq kits are ready for orders and shipping, while the Cytonaut™ software is accessible for new users, including demo data to play around with.
25 Jan

Discover the new Asteria™ single-cell RNA-seq kit and the Cytonaut™ analysis software!

Scipio bioscience launches its innovative single-cell RNA-seq benchtop kit Asteria™ and the complementing Cytonaut™ analysis software suite to facilitate single-cell research in every lab.
15 Dec

Scipio bioscience to launch new scRNA-seq solution at the Festival of Genomics & Biodata in January!

CEO and co-founder Pierre Walrafen will present the upcoming Scipio bioscience hydrogel-based solution for single-cell RNA sequencing.
30 Nov

Scipio bioscience President Prof. Stuart Edelstein presents the single-cell hydrogel technology

At the Next Gen Omics UK conference on November 5th, SCIPIO BIOSCIENCE President and Chief Scientific Officer Prof. Stuart Edelstein presented the technology and the validation data behind the upcoming single-cell RNA-seq benchtop kit. A recording of the talk is now freely available online.
3 Nov

Scipio bioscience at Next Gen Omics 2021!

Scipio bioscience will be present in-person this week (Nov 4-5) at Next Gen Omics UK, one of the largest genomics events in Europe! President and CSO Prof. Stuart Edelstein will be giving a talk about the technology behind Scipio bioscience's scRNA-seq solution.
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