Cell-Membrane Expert

Job description

As a part of the R&D team, the cell membrane expert will contribute to the development of single-cell analysis kits with a special focus on the steps that involve the cell membrane. During the protocol, the sample cell membranes experience for example chemical modification, adhesion or shear. The cell membrane expert will then: 

  • Design and execute well thought-out experiments to understand the underlying phenomenon 
  • Establish and implement quantitative assays to characterize cell membrane properties and modifications 
  • Propose and test kit improvements 
  • Participate in systematic data analysis to identify critical steps for optimization 
  • Work with a collaborative manner and respect lab regulations 
  • Record accurately laboratory notebook 


We are looking for highly motivated, rigorous and independent scientist with strong hands-on experimental skills and deep scientific knowledge. The successful candidate should show high interest in biotechnology advances and be pro-active to follow the continuous development in the field. This position requires a strong capacity to rigorously design, execute and present experiments, and involves close interaction with colleagues in our multidisciplinary team as well as external collaborators and partners. 

Required qualifications

  • PhD in relevant field 
  • High technical skill and deep knowledge in cell membrane physics, mechanics and chemistry  
  • Strong hands-on experimental skills 
  • Strong written and oral communication skills in both English and French 
  • Ability to work in tight timeline while producing high quality results in autonomy 

Desired qualifications

  • Experience in single-cell assays 
  • Experience and knowledge in next generation sequencing workflow 
  • Molecular biology techniques like nucleic acid extraction, quantitative PCR  

About Us

Scipio bioscience is a French biotech startup developing, manufacturing and selling laboratory kits and analysis software for single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq). Single-cell sequencing is a most promising technology which greatly enhances possibilities of existing bulk genomic sequencing. Our goal is to enable all life-science researchers to easily access this new single-cell technology by breaking down the technical, logistical, and financial barriers through scientific innovation

Scipio bioscience is backed by leading VCs. We are based in Paris 14 (at the hospital Cochin within the Paris Biotech Santé incubator) and our business language is English.

Our first commercial solution, based on an innovative proprietary method, has been launched in May 2022 after it was announced at the Festival of Genomics & Biodata in January 2022 (watch our CEO’s presentation here).

Scipio bioscience’s first single-cell solution consists of the Asteria™ benchtop kit for RNA-seq sample preparation and the Cytonaut™ cloud-based software service for analysis of sequencing results.

Targeted customers are life science and medical researchers in academia and industry.

Existing team and values

Scipio bioscience is a 38-person team sharing strong values, most notably: integrity, open-mindedness, rigor, and taste for challenge. Our work ethics are based on mutual trust, kindness, cooperativity, honesty, and diversity of thought, opinion, and background.

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