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The Benchtop Single-Cell Letter has launched!

The first issue of the Benchtop Single-Cell Letter has been launched!

This bimonthly letter gathers the best articles from our blog and the content is curated around relevant single-cell themes by our director of publication, Prof. Stuart Edelstein.

Our first issue focuses on the approach of bioinformatics analysis and interpretation of your single-cell data when you have yet little experience in this field, and helps you plan ahead for successful single-cell experiments. It includes for example the interview of Dr. Marc Beyer about the point of view from the bioinformatics side, a testimonial from guest writer Denise Gay about her journey through the process of learning bioinformatics, and technical artifacts to be aware of to optimize your data to analyze.

Through interviews, technical tips, and testimonials from researchers in the field, the Benchtop Single-Cell Letter aims to cover all possible areas to support setting up robust single-cell experiments and extracting the most exciting data. Our next issue is planned to be released two months from now!

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Welcome to our two new directors!

Scipio is accelerating its expansion in 2021, with the fresh recruitment of two new directors! Welcome to the team Pierre Chaumat and Barbara André!

Pierre is starting as our VP Chief Manufacturing Officer, bringing in the heavy artillery to clear the path to manufacturing the Scipio kit. He has been the driving force behind the launch of several novel technologies for the past 20 years, particularly for clinical diagnostics, taking them from R&D to Ready-for-Market Products. We have already discovered that his knowledge and enthusiasm will be key to deliver a powerful kit for successful scRNA-seq experiments!

Barbara is joining as our Director of Bioinformatics, bringing her strong experience in applied mathematics and software development to drive our efforts in single-cell computational analysis. Barbara has spent the last decade developing innovative prototypes and sustainable software products in the domain of genetic analysis, and her skills are going to be critical to provide robust and efficient scRNA-seq software tools!

Scipio news


The new Scipio website is here!

Scipio has been riding its initial success and significantly expanded since its inception, and a new website was required to reflect such progress! You can now find more details about the Scipio technology and the team members, but its most important feature is the launch of the new Benchtop Single-Cell blog which will focus on, well, single-cell science.

This new blog will include articles with hands-on tips for successfull experimental design and technical execution of single-cell experiments, but also reports from a tech watch and opinions from experts in the field. If you do not want to miss these new posts, you can already subscribe to the upcoming newsletter!