Scipio bioscience
Single-cell profiling for every benchtop
Scipio bioscience, a Paris-based biotechnology company,
provides a novel sample preparation solution
for single-cell studies, in the form of benchtop kits,
for use in sequencing applications
in clinical and basic research,
in particular transcriptomics.
13 November 2017
Scipio bioscience announces its seed fund raising
A total of €1.2m has been obtained from two European seed funds: Paris, France-based Seventure Partners' Quadrivium I seed fund and Bonn, Germany-based High-Tech Gründerfonds. Read the full press release here.
The team
Science enthusiasts, driven by a common vision:
develop, deliver... and enjoy it!
Prof Stuart Edelstein
President - Chief Scientific Officer
Stuart is a world-renowned biophysicist. A foreign associate of the French Academy of Science, his academic curriculum includes professorships at Cornell (NY, USA), Geneva (Switzerland), ENS (Paris, France) and the Collège de France. Stuart also has start-up experience as co-founder
of a publicly listed biotech company.
Pierre Walrafen, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
An Ecole Polytechnique alumnus and qualified European Patent Attorney, Pierre's experience in biotech covers all stages of product development and includes positions as alliance manager for a strategic industrial partnership in DNA-based diagnostics and as consultant for biotechnology clients in an IP firm.
Alba Cico, PhD
R&D Project leader
Alba completed her PhD at the Commissariat à l'énergie atomique (CEA, Paris, France), where she studied molecular and epigenetic mechanisms of erythropoiesis. During her earlier studies, she completed internships at the St Judes Children's Research Hospital (Memphis, TN, USA) and at GSK.
Philippe Tramoy
Member of the Strategy Committee
Philippe, a partner at Seventure Partners, is in charge of life siences investments for the Quadrivium I fund. He started his career as a Project Manager and Director of Business Development Europe in the Rhodia group and later founded a market and business intelligence company, CBDMT – Market & Business Intelligence, which he managed for 10 years prior to joining Seventure.
Prof Stéphane Le Crom
Member of the Strategy Committee
Stéphane is the head of the Omics network of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC, Paris, France) and of the genomics facility at the École normale supérieure (Paris). In addition to these positions, Stéphane teaches genomics at the UPMC, and heads a research team dedicated to data analysis from high-throughput genomics studies.
Frank Hensel, PhD
Member of the Strategy Committee
Frank is Senior Investment Manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds. He brings significant experience in biotechnology, as a scientist and founder of OncoMab GmbH, a spin-off of the University of Würzburg's Institute of Pathology. This expert in tumour-reactive antibodies focuses on the development of biologicals from the manufacturing phase to the clinical-trial stage.
We're hiring
Positions are open at various levels of seniority starting with a PhD degree or equivalent experience, and all outstanding profiles will be considered. We are particularly interested in candidates with expertise in polymer biochemistry, chemistry and biophysics, molecular biology of RNAs, and transcriptome bioinformatics.

We love to work with individuals of diverse backgrounds, who share our vision of a happy workplace. Contact us if you enjoy generously sharing your skills and expertise to produce something useful; want to join a team where all are expected to contribute equally to a collaborative and fruitful environment; and are ready to work hard on challenges aimed at achieving an entrepreneurial success, where effort will be justly rewarded.

Send us an email to apply (see Contact us below) and keep in mind we are not hiring a CV, but a person, so let us know who you are in addition to what you have done.
Why keep an eye on us
Scipio Bioscience exploits a proprietary technology that allows the preparation of samples for single-cell profiling. Based on a novel combination of established biochemical and biophysical approaches, the Scipio technology achieves
single-cell barcoding in a test tube format.
The Scipio solution provides unmatched flexibility regarding cell type or applications. All are addressed in an easy-to-use test tube format
Whether you are testing 10 samples per week or per year, you can use the Scipio solution in your own lab.
No large investment is involved, since no specific device is needed, and consumables are a fraction of the cost of current solutions.
Contact us
We are located at the Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière
47 boulevard de l'hôpital
75013 Paris

Phone: +33 157 274 115

Email any of us at, if you are not a robot and replace firstname and lastname with our names.
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